I came to FIT because I wanted true fitness guidance, rather than the very commercial trainers at my gym. Knowing the owner of FIT, Mike, I figured I would receive the instruction and results I sought. Mike set me up with Alvaro Maldonado. From the start our personalities clicked. Alvaro has pushed me hard enough, that I realize I wasn’t testing my limits at the gym, thus not obtaining my objective. Not only has he taught me how the body functions under different exercises, but he has thoroughly explained to me how my body will react to various workouts. I’ve learned from him to work my body more efficiently and the results are noticeable! The workout is productive, but it’s not all serious. Alvaro knows how to balance a good exercise routine along with a great workout atmosphere. He not only comes prepared with a course of action for my exclusive hour, but he takes the time to answer my questions regarding health and nutrition in and out of my time with him. And again, it’s not all serious, the workout is hard but enjoyable… I’m definitely a long term client!