FIT Personal Training Gymnasium

FIT EXPERIENCE: Every FIT trainer has a degree or Master’s Degree in Kinesiology or an Exercise Science related field and/or multiple certifications. This sets FIT apart from any other gym. All our trainers have more than 5 years of experience in training and/or fitness instructing.

Maintaining the highest standards in the business is what sets FIT apart. The academic credentials you will see listed among our trainers profiles are unique in our industry.

Andrew Durrett

Strength & Conditioning Coach/Rehab Specialist.
Degree/Professor of Sport & Physical Education.

Andrew came to DC via Scotland and Virginia Beach to join FIT and some of the best trainers and fitness professionals in the area. Andrew has a bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science as well as the esteemed NSCA personal training certification. Andrew is a human encyclopedia of knowledge in strength and conditioning via his voracious appetite for continuing education

Bradley Higgins

Master’s Degree Exercise Science, Master’s Degree Sports Science, AIF Lvl 4
10 Years Experience.

Bradley came to DC via Canada and Australia to join FIT’s elite team of excellent and highly credentialed and experienced trainers.

Brad perfectly epitomizes that elevated standard. Brad has both a Degree and Master’s Degree in Exercise Science, Strength and Conditioning, and in Sports Science. Brad also has numerous elite certifications and nearly ten years of personal training experience.

Noteisha Womack

Masters Degree Exercise Science
6 Years Experience.

Teisha Womack is an extremely talented personal trainer with great fitness IQ. Teisha has studied extensively Exercises Science and sports Psychology. In addition to her Master’s Degree in Sports Psychology, Teisha is an NASM certified personal trainer, with an additional advanced certification as a NASM Performance Enhancement Specialist. She is also a former NCAA Division 1 and professional basketball player. Teisha became a personal trainer because she found strength in the gym, not just physically but through developing mental strength as well.

Nildo Silva

Masters Degree Exercise Physiology
20 Years Experience, NASM, NASM CES, Etc.

Born and raised in Brazil, Nildo earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in Physical Education from the Universidade Federal Da Paraiba in Joao Pessoa, Brazil and furthered his education achieving a Master’s Degree in Exercise Physiology at the Universida de Federal De Sao Paulo in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Nildo is also an NASM Certified Personal Trainer and furthered his certification with the specialized NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist Certification. Nildo is a trainer with more than 18 years of experience.

Soroush Pedram

B.A. Degree Kinesiology, NASM CPT
5 Years Experience.

Exercise Physiologist and personal trainer, Soroush Pedram is a graduate from George Mason University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Kinesiology and is certified through NASM. Sor carries multiple certifications and a wealth of knowledge about the human body, human movement, and fitness. He has also worked as a rehabilitation technician in physical therapy

Mansur Mendizabal

Diploma National Personal Training Institute
10+ Years Experience.

Mansur is a graduate George Mason University and The National Personal Training Institute and a Master Certified Personal Trainer with multiple certifications. Mansur’s diploma through NPTI is the most complete and respected personal training institute in the country. Complimenting his multiple certifications and vast education, Mansur has over 10 years of experience in fitness training.

Mansur is also a USAT Certified Triathlon Coach, NPTI Certified Nutritional Consultant, USMS-ALTS Swim Instructor, KBC Certified Kettlebell Trainer, among others.

Juan Natal

B.A. Degree Exercise Science
8 Years Experience

Juan Natal has a degree in Exercise Science from Northwestern Oklahoma State. He is a certified personal trainer, and exercise physiologist and a NASM certified Corrective Exercise Specialist. Juan has been training for nearly 10 years.

Juan was born and raised in Puerto Rico, but he moved to Oklahoma in 2010 where he played collegiate and semi pro baseball.

Sam McManus, PT, DPT

Doctor of Physical Therapy, B.S Exercise Science, NSCA CPT
9 Years Experience.

Both a Physical Therapist and a Certified Personal Trainer, Sam is an NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist and graduated of University of Buffalo where he received his degree in Exercise Science.

Sam has practiced therapy, rehabilitation, and personal training in New York and the Washington, DC area.