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FIT Personal Training

Since 2002, FIT Personal Training has offered the most complete and comprehensive one on one personal training in Washington DC. Most unique about FIT is that our trainers are not simply certified personal trainers. Far beyond that, our qualified certified trainers have at least a degree/diploma, Master’s Degree in Exercise Science/Kinesiology. This required level of academic credential sets us apart from every other gym.

Additionally, every one of our trainers has at least 5 years of experience prior to joining our team.

Our trainers have the appropriate combination of academic credentials and practical experience to legitimately work with individuals working toward any fitness goals, including weight loss/toning, body composition, strength, endurance, post-physical therapy/rehab, training for older adults and those with disabilities, athletic performance, overall health and wellness, and more.

At FIT, we believe that long-term success depends on a dedication to a serious lifestyle management program. The lifestyle changes you will adopt at our FITness center are designed to help you make positive changes in your life. At FIT we will teach you to reduce unhealthy body weight, develop lean muscle mass, and increase your level of physical activity.

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