In addition to following DC’s COVID guidelines and precautions to ensure safest practices, our protocols go even further. Protocols include regular cleaning and sanitizing, Nano Mist Sanitizing throughout the day, supplemental mobile HEPA air filters, Mandatory masks, extreme social distancing (more than 1,000 sq/ft per client/trainer), personal training only, tons of outdoor fitness space, professional cleaning companies, etc.

While we re-open the physical space for in-person training, we will also continue to offering one-on-one tele training (virtual training via ZOOM). We understand many will still wish to avoid entering businesses and will prefer distance training instead. The main difference training via ZOOM vs in-person is that we are talking and training in front of our screens instead of face to face. This has been a great resource for our clients to continue working out with expert guidance and real time instruction, form correction, and lesson planning. In most instances, we are performing full workouts with no equipment or minimal equipment.

We currently are training clients virtually around the world, in New York City, Moscow, London, Singapore, Toronto, Montrael, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, Miami, and more.

Virtual sessions can be in a home, gym, outdoors, your living room, with equipment and without equipment.

Please email or call today to inquire about our training options.

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Beyond reaching the goals my trainer and I set, training at FIT has taught me more than I ever expected about fitness and how to live a healthy lifestyle. I’ve trained at many other gyms in the area before finding FIT, and this was the first time I felt I was given the correct level of personal attention, care, respect, and very detailed training. After leaving FIT a year ago, I am still continuing the progress on my own.
Michael D
Training with Alvaro has exceeded my expectations in every way. Alvaro treats training as a holistic experience, which has translated into him creating for me a carefully formulated personalized plan that takes into account weight training, diet, and cardio to ensure optimum results. Under his guidance, I have been able to achieve a higher level of physical fitness and feel healthier than ever. I would recommend Alvaro to anyone looking for a personal training experience that goes beyond the basics in order to enable that person to reach his or her personal best.
Adam B
Working with Mike toward achieving my physical fitness goals has been very rewarding. I really look forward to our workouts because of the professional and friendly manner in which he shares his extensive knowledge. Mike helped me to identify my goals and then developed a workout plan to get me there. He adjusts the plan as necessary to match my current situation. I have worked with several personal trainers in the past and Mike is the best, by far.
Terry B