Too many injuries are the result of personal training that is done in an unsafe manner. Physiological changes that occur with age and injury need to be taken into account when performing exercise.

With this in mind, we are pleased to offer our post-physical therapy/rehab clients appropriate personal training with qualified trainers possessing both the legitimate academic credentials and experience. All of our trainers have a minimum of 5 years of training experience and must posses a degree/diploma or Master’s degree in exercise science or rehab fields and/or multiple certifications. We are confident that we can provide the highest quality of personal training to both the elite athlete and to the individual with multiple medical diagnoses.

Our medical exercise trainers are qualified to legitimately work with individuals who have chronic medical conditions. A certified personal trainer with the academic background of a degree or Masters degree is the only appropriate personal trainer to program for long term management of chronic conditions. Our medical exercise trainers are an appropriate match for those with osteoporosis, spondylosis, arthritis, diabetes and pre-diabetes, fibromyalgia, hypertension, cystic fibrosis, Parkinson’s, disc herniation, limited mobility, hip or knee replacements, lower back pain, etc.

If you are transitioning from physical therapy or chiropractic care to personal training, ask us why we are the right fit for your fitness and wellness care.

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Beyond reaching the goals my trainer and I set, training at FIT has taught me more than I ever expected about fitness and how to live a healthy lifestyle. I’ve trained at many other gyms in the area before finding FIT, and this was the first time I felt I was given the correct level of personal attention, care, respect, and very detailed training. After leaving FIT a year ago, I am still continuing the progress on my own.
Michael D
Training with Alvaro has exceeded my expectations in every way. Alvaro treats training as a holistic experience, which has translated into him creating for me a carefully formulated personalized plan that takes into account weight training, diet, and cardio to ensure optimum results. Under his guidance, I have been able to achieve a higher level of physical fitness and feel healthier than ever. I would recommend Alvaro to anyone looking for a personal training experience that goes beyond the basics in order to enable that person to reach his or her personal best.
Adam B
Working with Mike toward achieving my physical fitness goals has been very rewarding. I really look forward to our workouts because of the professional and friendly manner in which he shares his extensive knowledge. Mike helped me to identify my goals and then developed a workout plan to get me there. He adjusts the plan as necessary to match my current situation. I have worked with several personal trainers in the past and Mike is the best, by far.
Terry B