Bradley Higgins

Master’s Degree Exercise Science, Master’s Degree Sports Science, AIF Lvl 4
10 Years Experience.

Bradley came to DC via Canada and Australia to join FIT’s elite team of excellent and highly credentialed and experienced trainers.

Brad perfectly epitomizes that elevated standard. Brad has both a Degree and Master’s Degree in Exercise Science, Strength and Conditioning, and in Sports Science. Brad also has numerous elite certifications and nearly ten years of personal training experience.

“My name is Brad and am a Fitness trainer for FIT at Washington DC. As your Fitness Trainer I look forward to helping you achieve your goals by utilizing my experience and knowledge of movement, nutrition and a positive mindset.

Since I can remember I have been moving on a daily basis, which is exactly where my passion for fitness coaching comes from. My passion for health and fitness has been the biggest driving force behind the success in my life to date. Having the ability to move my body better, smarter and more effective with each passing day keeps me focused on both my short and long term goals. Fitness and health is not just something I do, but is a part of who I am, and therefore it is something that I can’t live without.

I believe that through exercise I can live and learn at my body’s full potential. This can be the case for everyone else out there. By exercising on a regular basis, I promise you that your mind, body and life will improve. Exercise can help you achieve your maximum potential by creating natural movement in your life, which can help you excel in many other endeavors.

My background in training is associated with body-weight movements. This is because it always challenges both my mind and body. By strengthening both my mind and body each day I continue to stay focused on my goals. Am always learning new and improved ways each day and am always up for a challenge.

In my free time I like to get outdoors and socialize, participate in a variety of sports and read.

Last bit of advice that has really stuck with me throughout my 8+ years as a highly successful fitness trainer – We only have 1 thing in our life for the rest of our life – OUR BODY – Therefore we should be able to move and understand our body better as we grow older. Remember that there is never a better day to start than right now!!”

Additional Certifications/Achievements:

  • Australian Institute of Fitness Personal Training Certification Levels 3 and 4
  • Rehab Master Class – Rehab trainer program
  • Boxing Certification (Professional)
  • Functional Trainer and Rehab
  • CrankIt Coach – Master Suspension Fitness Coach
  • Kettlebell Level 1 & 2
  • Advanced CPR and First Aid