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Ryan Scarano

Master Personal Trainer, NSAM, ACSM, Etc.
10 Years Experience.

Ryan is a NASM certified personal trainer with eight years of personal training and fitness instruction experience. Like all FIT trainers, Ryan has a strong combination of academic credentials and practical experience and can design successful training programs for individuals working to achieve optimal fitness and specific goals.

“My approach to fitness is to build the individual from the ground up. I accomplish this first by addressing and correcting muscle imbalances, strengthening the core and enhancing stabilization. Once a solid foundation has been established I progress individuals towards achieving their goals by way of a program that is individualized, organized, progressive. I next look to strengthen the body through the use of resistance strength training. My programs however will target many pillars of fitness not just one. I believe in an hybrid approach to developing a stronger individual.

In my workouts you won’t just lift weights to increase strength. you will also be running and jumping rope to improve cardio. Learning and utilizing Foam rolling and mobility techniques to increase flexibility. Performing body weight circuits and using kettlebells to enhance power and performance.

My workouts are challenging yet they are also fun. My job is to make sure you avoid monotonous routines and plateaus. To keep workouts fun i will often utilize methods such as plyometics, interval training, and even boxing. My goal as your trainer is getting you safely to your goals. Each week i will be desiging and implementing strategies that will bring about the positive changes you seek. I will be in you corner coaching, motivating and progressing you safely en route to becoming the leanest, strongest and healthiest version of yourself.”