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Carlos Capella Peris

PHD Exercise Science, Masters Degree Exercise Science, B.A. Sports Science
12 Years Experience.

Carlos is the ultimate trainer. He has more than 12 years of experience as a personal trainer, multiple certifications, and has a PHD, Masters, and BA Degree in Exercise Sciences. He is a supremely qualified trainer. Carlos is very passionate about Health and Wellness and enjoys working with all levels of fitness from the beginner to the advanced athlete.

Through his Master’s and doctoral degree work, Carlos epitomizes the standard of what is truly required to be an appropriate and top fitness trainer. Being the best trainer you can be means recognizing that there is always more to learn about physiology, movement, strength, health and fitness in general.

Carlos represents the standard that FIT lives up to with qualifications that go beyond the limited preparation that even the best training certifications provide and the years of experience to appropriately and legitimately prepare training programs for all unique individuals with unique needs, strengths, and limitations.

Carlos is also a former, accomplished, semi-pro tennis player and instructs athletes in many sports, including tennis.