Last October I began a regimen of physical exercise with Nildo. At the age of 51, I decided it was time to loose some fat, improve cardiovascular functions and body weight re-alignment. Previous attempts to improve my body by joining local gyms and going on weight-loss programs proved to be ineffective mainly because I didn’t have the will power to stick with it. That all changed when I met Nildo. Nildo listens to me, understands my body’s limitations, and has successfully helped me reach goals I thought unreachable. The sessions are not boring because they are not monotonous. Nildo’s personality is another key to the success I’ve achieved. We talk about our lives, our goals, and our disappointments. He asks questions about my hobbies. Being an avid golfer, he employs workout sessions to help my game. Furthermore, the atmosphere at FIT promotes a better workout than other gyms I’ve been to. All the trainers are courteous and never fail to greet me when I arrive for my sessions. Finally, it helped my self-esteem when I realized that other people in my age-bracket were using FIT for physical improvement. Thanks to Nildo and FIT Gym I am stronger and have more confidence. Positive comments from friends and family members affirm that FIT Gym is right for me.