I contacted FIT in August 2007, after coming perilously close to hitting the 200-pound mark. Until my early-30s, I was naturally thin, and therefore didn’t see the need to join a gym or to eat healthy. As I hit my mid-30s, however, the lack of physical exercise – coupled with 60+ hour work weeks as a lawyer and a diet of pizzas, burgers, and cookies – began to take its toll. Before I knew it, I had gained 30 pounds and went from a size 32 waist to a size 35. After complaining that I was intimidated by the notion of going to a gym and that I didn’t know how to lose the weight, a friend recommended that I contact FIT, which had worked for him. My first session with Alvaro focused on my past history with physical exercise (in my case, none), and what I wanted from a training program. After listening to my goals (weight loss, and being able to take my shirt off without being embarrassed), Alvaro explained what I needed to do to meet my goals, and, most importantly, he laid out the strategy of HOW I could realistically meet my goals. We began working together three times a week, and during our sessions, Alvaro explained not only how to do each exercise, but also why it was important to do it and how it fit in with my overall fitness strategy. Knowing that I had done almost no physical exercise most of my life, Alvaro designed my training program to quickly get me acclimated to different exercises for different muscle groups, and he worked with me on developing healthy eating habits. The results were astonishing: within two weeks I dropped over 10 pounds, and the weight just kept coming off. I’ve now lost 32 pounds since staring with Alvaro, and I’ve gone from a size 35 waist to a size 30. Moreover, I have real muscle definition in my legs, arms, and chest, and I’m starting to develop abs for the first time in my life. I’ve never been this healthy or felt this good about my appearance, and I have Alvaro to thank for it. Perhaps as important as the fitness results I achieved, is Alvaro’s style of training. His workouts are intense, but he is unfailingly nice during each session, taking an active interest in my life, encouraging me to keep going when I want to stop, and gently correcting my mistakes. Additionally, he works around my sometimes crazy travel schedule and has even sent me emails when I’m traveling, reminding me of the importance of getting workouts in while I’m away, and reminding me to watch what I eat. Alvaro is a genuinely nice guy with a great sense of humor, and I’m pleased to say that after a few months of training with him, I consider him to be a friend, as well as my trainer. Going to FIT is something that I should have done long ago, and working with Alvaro is the best investment of time and money that I ever made. I feel great and look good, and I find myself looking forward to each training session. If you’re thinking about joining FIT and working with Alvaro, I strongly encourage you to do so. You won’t be disappointed In fact, you’ll be very glad you did