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We have re-opened for business. We will follow DC’s reopening guidelines and precautions to ensure safest practices. While the guidelines require 5 individuals per 1,000 square feet of space, we are fortunate to have access to nearly 8,000 sqft, ensuring we will be able to limit persons per square ft even greater than that.

While we re-open the physical space for in-person training, we will also continue to offering one-on-one tele training. We understand many will still wish to avoid entering businesses and will prefer distance training instead.  The main difference training via ZOOM vs in-person is that we are talking and training in front of our screens instead of face to face. This has been a great resource for our clients to continue working out with expert guidance and real time instruction, form correction, and lesson planning. In most instances, we are performing full workouts with no equipment or minimal equipment.

Please email or call today to inquire about our training options.

Another phenomenal option we have is a 28 Day Fitness Package. This incorporates live discussion with your trainer, program design specific to you, accountability check-ins etc. See the graphic below and contact us for more information or to schedule an interview.