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Kosta Novaković

Strength & Conditioning Coach/Rehab Specialist.
Degree/Professor of Sport & Physical Education.

Kosta Novaković is professor of sport and physical education through a four year degree program at the University of Belgrade in Serbia. Through his degree program, Kosta also served as a teaching assistant and brings to FIT a wealth of knowledge. Kosta is a human encyclopedia of important research in strength and conditioning via his voracious appetite for digesting volumes of academic journals in health and fitness.

Kosta has more than 4 years of experience in fitness training, athletic training, coaching, fitness instructing, and rehabilitation.

Kosta’s dynamic and comprehensive experience and education in fitness and human anatomy contributes to his deep  and personal understanding of body alignment and movement compensations, awareness of how muscles work in tandem, and how to recognize an individual’s current state of fitness and how to program the appropriate approach/program. In addition to helping clients with wide-ranging goals, Kosta is a great match for clients who come to him with joint pain, arthritis, movement dysfunction and can help them with pain relief and movement mechanics through proper assessment and proper training prescriptions.

In addition to his faculty experience at the College of Sport and Physical Education, Kosta was an accomplished rower on the National Rowing Team, representing his country, Serbia, in the European Championships.