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Juan Natal

B.A. Degree Exercise Science
8 Years Experience

Juan Natal has a degree in Exercise Science from Northwestern Oklahoma State. He is a certified personal trainer, and exercise physiologist and a NASM certified Corrective Exercise Specialist. Juan has been training for nearly 10 years.

Juan was born and raised in Puerto Rico, but he moved to Oklahoma in 2010 where he played collegiate and semi pro baseball.

Juan’s dynamic and comprehensive experience and education in fitness and human anatomy contributes to his deep  and personal understanding of body alignment and movement compensations, awareness of how muscles work in tandem, and how to recognize an individual’s current state of fitness and how to program the appropriate approach/program. In addition to helping clients with wide-ranging goals, Juan  is a great match for clients who come to him with joint pain, arthritis, movement dysfunction or disability and can help them with pain relief and movement mechanics through proper assessment and proper training prescriptions.

Juan believes that exercise without a plan is just a workout. He therefore trains every client with a structural plan to help them achieve their goals. He enjoys doing so while the client has a good time.

“I simply want to educate people as much as I can,” If I have the opportunity to work with someone with a disability, not only does that person benefit from me, but I benefit from them because I learn to understand how they communicate and how they go through their daily routine. It’s a different point of view, and sometimes that’s refreshing. That person can broaden your perspective on how you see things and help you understand how everyone has a different story.”