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Andrew Durrett

Strength & Conditioning Coach/Rehab Specialist.
Degree/Professor of Sport & Physical Education.

Andrew came to DC via Scotland and Virginia Beach to join FIT and some of the best trainers and fitness professionals in the area. Andrew has a bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science as well as the esteemed NSCA personal training certification. Andrew is a human encyclopedia of knowledge in strength and conditioning via his voracious appetite for continuing education and academic study in health in fitness. Andrew has more than 9 years of experience in fitness training, athletic training, coaching, and rehabilitation.

Andrew’s dynamic and comprehensive experience and education in fitness and human anatomy contributes to his deep and personal understanding of body alignment and movement compensations, awareness of how muscles work in tandem, and how to recognize an individual’s current state of fitness and how to program the appropriate approach/program. In addition to helping clients with wide-ranging goals, Andrew is a great match for clients who come to him with joint pain, arthritis, movement dysfunction and can help them with pain relief and movement mechanics through proper assessment and proper training prescriptions.

Andrew combines his high degree of professionalism, experience and education to help his numerous FIT clients. Along with his education, he has received multiple personal training certifications from some of the most respected companies in the industry including NSCA, ACSM and AFAA, Grey Institute CAFS. Andrew is never done learning. This is a unique devotion in our industry, the pursuit of professional improvement.

“As your trainer, I will do my upmost to help you achieve your goals. In my 9 years of experience, I have a working expertise in multiple areas of fitness including kinesiology, linear and non-linear periodization, bodybuilding, corrective exercise and rehabilitation, functional/foundational fitness, physical therapy and nutrition.

Although I have almost a decade of experience in multiple disciplines of fitness, I have honed my specific focus to functional/foundational fitness as it lends itself to enabling you to accomplish day to day activities. This area of study really focuses on mobility, tissue preparation, biomechanical variation and 3D global movements, which is going to help you move as efficiently as possible.

In my free time I enjoy everything that this great city has to offer including live music, museums, and outdoor physical activities. As active as I like to stay, I love a night in binging whatever I can find on Netflix and rewatching every Marvel movie and Disney movie.

Thank you for taking the time to read my bio, and I hope this short glimpse into who I am will give you frame of mind as to what I can help you accomplish!”