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FIT Personal Training Gymnasium

FIT EXPERIENCE: Every FIT trainer has a degree or Master’s Degree in Kinesiology or an Exercise Science related field and/or multiple certifications. This sets FIT apart from any other gym. All our trainers have more than 5 years of experience in training and/or fitness instructing.

Maintaining the highest standards in the business is what sets FIT apart. The academic credentials you will see listed among our trainers profiles are unique in our industry.

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FIT Personal Training Gymnasium Washington, one on one personal training,

Michael Everts

Owner/Founder of FIT
Master’s Degree Exercise Science, 20 Years Experience, NASM CES, ACSM, ACE, Etc.

certified personal trainers, kinesiology,

Alvaro Maldonado

Fitness Manager, Diploma NPTI, CPT,
15 Years Experience.

fitness goals, weight loss/toning, body composition,

Devonne Horsley

B.S. Degree Kinesiology-Biophysics, NASM
20+ Years Experience.

strength, endurance, post-physical therapy/rehab,

Bradley Higgins

Masters Degree Exercise Science, Masters Degree Sports Science, AIF Lvl 4,
10 Years Experience

training for older adults, disabilities, athletic performance,

Noteisha Womack

Masters Degree Exercise Science
6 Years Experience

overall health and wellness, lifestyle management program,

Nildo Silva

Masters Degree Exercise Physiology, 20 Years Experience, NASM, NASM CES, Etc.

reduce unhealthy body weight, develop lean muscle mass,

Soroush Pedram

B.A. Degree Kinesiology, NASM CPT
5 Years Experience

increase your physical activity, Michael Everts gymnasium, Michael Everts Personal Training,

Simon Agustinus

Diploma National Personal Training Institute
6 Years Experience

FIT Personal Training Gymnasium Washington, one on one personal training,

Ryan Scarano

Master Personal Trainer, NSAM, ACSM
10 Years Experience

Ariel Osharenko

Masters Degree Physical Therapy, B.S Physiotherapy, NSCA CPT
10 Years Experience

Carlos Capella Peris

PHD Exercise Science, Masters Degree Exercise Science, B.A. Sports Science
12 Years Experience

Andre Lee

Degree, Physical Therapy Assistant, Multiple Degrees, Multiple Certifications (ACE)
12 Years Experience