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Stretching and Alignment classes at FIT Gymnasium
Vinyasa Yoga
Sundays at 12:30 PM
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FREE Abdominal Fitness Class on Sunday at FIT Gymnasium
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Core SurgeIntroductory Hatha YogaMartial Arts FusionVinyasa YogaPilates

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Our current class offerings are a showcase of just a few of the classes we will be offering at our new exercise center that is scheduled to open in the Fall/Winter of 2010.

Fitness Classes are expected to fill. To reserve your spot in class, Fitness Class Sign-up click link again to close this form

Saturday 2:30PM - Core Surge
Instructor: Michael Everts, CPT

Core Surge is an intense, functional training workout, with an extreme emphasis on abdominals and other movements recruiting the entire core. This class combines many movement modalities including: body bar stability ball, medicine ball, foam roller, Pilates and yoga. This workout is approximately 65-75 minutes in length. The first 5-10 minutes will consist of instruction and demonstration of various exercises. The remainder of the class will consist of intense high-energy core endurance training. If your current personal training workout plan at FIT includes outside-gym core conditioning work, you may count this class as fulfilling one of your weekly requirements.

Sunday 11AM - Introductory Hatha Yoga
Instructor: David Underwood, CPT

Hatha yoga encompasses all of the physical practices of yoga. Structure of classes and poses practiced will vary based on instructor. The primary focus of FIT Introductory Hatha yoga is to improve flexibility and offer an introduction to yoga from a personal training perspective for those new to yoga.

Sunday 12:00 PM - BodyTone Boot Camp
Instructor: Joe Chandler

An elite peak performance challenge - This is a totally intense, integrated and diverse workout that will test your integrity and perseverance. Break your plateaus neurologically and achieve peak performance. Joe Chandler has spent nearly 30 years teaching, coaching, and developing a martial arts (karate-based) format for the athletic at heart that have no prior martial arts training. This class fuses athletic training, and mixed, competitive and traditional martial arts conditioning/training for a high intensity fitness experience. Improve your functional power, vo2 max, coordination, mobility, flexibility, core strength, and reduce stress. Do you have what it takes to train like a champion? Experience a new level of intensity!

(Currently Not Available)

The Pilates method of body conditioning incorporates exercises designed to strengthen the core muscles of the body (abs, hips, buttocks, back), improve posture and enhance flexibility without adding bulk. This class introduces the fundamental principles necessary to stabilize the torso. Participants will learn to work the deep abdominal muscles while focusing on posture and proper body mechanics. No prior experience is necessary. This is a mat Pilates class.

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